15th Street from Avenue G to US 75

  Plano, Texas

15th Street from Aveneu G to US 75 | Plano, TX

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15th Street is the main entrance into historic downtown Plano. NDM was responsible for the preparation of schematics and construction plans for paving, drainage, and water and wastewater utility improvements to realign and reconfigure the corridor to include a 10-foot mixed-use trail within the north parkway. NDM realigned 15th Street under US 75 to correct a misalignment and was able to reduce the number of lanes east of US 75 in order to incorporate the mixed-use trail without reducing the level of service and without acquiring additional right-of-way. In addition to preparation of paving and storm drain plan and profiles, NDM assisted the City in coordinating with franchise utility owners to relocate their lines to a common trench in the parkway according to required clearances and offsets from other utilities. Evaluating trenchless methods including pipe bursting and slip line existing water mains was also a significant element of the project to minimize disruption to the downtown area. Parkway and median landscaping plans were developed to improve the aesthetics of this important corridor. NDM prepared traffic control plans, retaining wall layouts, signing and pavement marking layouts, removal plans, typical sections, and coordinated with the City to include temporary and permanent signal improvements at US 75.