I-30 and I-45 Bridge Repairs

  Dallas, Texas

 Well Road Bridge Replacement

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This project included temporarily supporting multiple span bridges on I-30 and I-45 while under full live load. The substructures (columns) were deteriorating and required retrofitting to restore the integrity of the bridges. Reinforcing steel was exposed and the corroding concrete crumbled with minimum effort. NDM designed a shoring system to temporarily remove the live/dead load from the substructure and allow for the retrofit and repair of the concrete columns. The system had to operate as a unit across a particular bent to not overstress the superstructure (bridge slab and beams). Analysis was performed not only for the shoring system but also for the bridges themselves so tolerances could be provided to the contractor during construction. It was a complex design due to the combination of concrete and steel beams. Also, the bridges are located in a curve and the live load remained during the repair process. Project constraints and limitations required innovative design concepts regarding constructability and efficiency. This project was featured in Concrete Repair Bulletin Magazine.