DWU Elm Fork 72-Inch By-Pass Pipeline

  Farmers Branch and Carrollton, Texas

DWU Elm Fork By-Pass Pipeline  | Dallas / Fort Worth

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NDM was responsible for survey acquisition of easements, totaling 33 properties, and established existing right-of-way of railroads, Crosby Road, and Broadway Street for a pipeline project approximately 4.5 miles in length ending at the Elm Fork Water Treatment Plant. NDM established horizontal control; performed deed research of existing right-of-way and adjoining parcels; reviewed and located existing easements; field located boundary corner monuments along the alignment; prepared acquisition exhibits with metes and bounds descriptions; performed topographic survey in and along a DART line with metes and bounds descriptions parcel acquisitions; performed topographic survey in and along a DART right-of-way and on adjoining parcels; and coordinated with the Cities of Dallas, Farmers Branch, and Carrollton during the approval process.