Flood Control District Services 

  Carrollton, Texas

West Irving Branch Flood Control  |   Tyler, Texas

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NDM has been the District Engineer for two Flood Control Districts since 1990. These Flood Control Districts are located along the Elm Fork Trinity River and Bear Creek. Development within the districts are protected from flooding by levee systems, interior drainage pump station (up to 310,000 gpm pumping capacity), and interior drainage sumps. Services provided to the Districts include the review of technical submittals and development of construction plans for various improvement projects. The improvement projects have included a phased channel and levee improvement project, new storm water pump station, interior drainage lake expansions, diversion channel system, new weir structures and channel drop structures. The projects have included substantial coordination and submittals to TxDOT, TRE/DART, FEMA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Dallas County, local municipalities, Dallas Water Utilities, utilities companies, and property owners.