DWU Doran Pump Station

  Dallas, Texas

Doran Pump Station    |   Dallas, Texas

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NDM was the prime consultant for the planning, engineering analysis, design, budget, schedule, construction documents, and construction support for a new 50 MGD pump station. The pump station improvements included five 14 MGD nominal capacity pumps, five 350 HP pumps (two variable speed pumps with variable frequency drives), a 60-inch RCCP suction header, 54-inch RCCP discharge piping, 480-V 3 phase service, valves, and meters. The facility included an underground pump room with ventilation system incorporated in the structure and noise control. Variable speed pumps allow the facility to meet a wide range of hydraulic conditions and system demands. NDM coordinated several subconsultants for the design and plan preparation for switchgear, architectural, structural, mechanical, and landscape architecture. Facility and architectural concepts included an underground pump room, ventilation incorporated into structure, sound mufflers for ductwork, noise reduction panels in the pump room, and site landscaping. The facility was blended into a park setting without neighborhood opposition.