DWU Elm Fork Pipeline and Pump Station #1 Rehabilitation

  Dallas, Texas

Elm Fork Pipeline and Pump Station #1 Rehabilitation     |   Dallas, Texas

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NDM completed the analysis and design services for various project elements at the Elm Fork Water Treatment Plan site. These services covered three basic improvement areas. The first improvement was the design of a 72-inch By-Pass Pipeline at the plant site. The plan included identifying an acceptable location for the by-pass line within the congested plant site. Design services included the evaluation of required pipe capacity, determination of operational constraints, and evaluation of connection details. The plans included 700 LF of 72-inch pipeline, two structural valve vaults, meter vault, and a sleeve valve vault. NDM also prepared technical specifications and cost opinions, and provided construction management assistance. The second improvement was the design of rehabilitation improvements for the existing Pump Station #1. Pump Station #1 included the high service pumps, low lift pumps, and backwash pumps. The evaluations considered pump system and NPSH limitations, hydraulic restrictions, surge modeling, appropriate pump selection and pump curves, and maintenance issues. The recommended rehabilitation improvements included new pumps and motors, valve replacement, interior piping modifications, revisions to the circular header, priming system replacement, addition of variable frequency drives, and building improvements. Additional services included the evaluation of an alternative for a new high service pump station versus rehabilitation of the existing high service pumps. NDM provided technical assistance and regulatory submittals for the off-site residual storage ponds. The services included evaluations of 404 permit requirements, CDC submittal and coordination with requirements for the City of Carrollton.