TRWD/DWU Integrated Pipeline (IPL)

  Tarrant County, Texas

TRWD/DWU Integrated Pipeline (IPL)   |   Tarrant County, Texas

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IPL is a $2 billion project involving 150 miles of large diameter pipeline (up to 114-inch diameter) with multiple pump stations and balancing reservoirs. NDM’s design responsibilities included a four mile section of 96-inch diameter pipeline and two balancing reservoir complexes (520 MG).

The preliminary pipeline design (Section 16) included client coordination and design of a 96-inch diameter raw-water pipeline. Services included alignment evaluation, preparation of technical memos for individual parcels, review of alignment constraints, and preparation of the draft Preliminary Design Report.

The preliminary reservoir complex design, included consideration of various reservoir complex configurations, drop shaft structures, inlet and outlet structures, screening requirements, potential impacts of invasive species, pigging basins, emergency overflow weirs, embankment protection, reservoir underdrain system, gated control structures, and access improvements. Value engineering meetings are held for this project. For the JB2R Balancing Reservoir Complex, NDM recommended changes in the design parameters for the reservoir operating levels to reduce the height of the embankments. This reduced the proposed embankment earthwork quantities. This approach helped reduce off-site borrow requirements and overall project costs significantly.

NDM prepared plans and specifications for the Midlothian Balancing Reservoir (MBR) Complex. Services included the evaluation of multiple complex configurations, design of a three-cell reservoir complex with a storage volume of 461 MG, zoned earthen reservoir embankments, 120-inch inlet and outlet piping, inlet and outlet structures, emergency overflow structures, liner system, reservoir underdrain system, access roadway improvements, drainage improvements, and overall site grading. Additional responsibilities included assistance with quantity calculations, cost opinions, preparation of technical specifications, bid phase support, and evaluation of contractor qualifications.