Furneaux Creek Stream Stabilization

  Carrollton, Texas

Furneaux Creek and Tributary Stream Restoration  Carrollton, Texas

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NDM provided design analyses and developed construction plans for phased stream restoration of 4.8 miles of Furneaux Creek and various segments. NDM was responsible for the evaluation of the geomorphology and environmental considerations related to the project. Services included the completion of detailed hydrologic and hydraulic analyses (HEC-RAS and HEC-2) to define existing conditions and to determine the impacts of improvement alternatives. Alternatives included grade control structures, bio-engineering elements, pond sequences, slope modifications, improvement sections, retaining walls, pedestrian bridges, low-water crossings, and landscaped restoration areas. The project was divided into separate construction phases and improvements were coordinated with proposed sanitary sewer improvements within the same stream corridor. Portions of the project also included the design of multi-use trail system improvements. The project required a 404 permit from the USACE for stream restoration.