Master Drainage Plan

  Tyler, Texas

Master Drainage Plan |   Tyler, Texas

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NDM completed the Master Drainage Study and Master Drainage Plan for 12 major tributary streams. Analyses were completed for 263 square miles of basins for the 2-year to 500-year flood event. This included over 114 stream miles of detailed hydrologic and hydraulic analyses and 77 stream miles of study. These studies included modeling using BOSS-WMS, HEC-1, BOSS-RMS, and HEC-RAS for analyzing existing and ultimate development conditions. The City’s extensive GIS database was utilized in the development of the hydrologic and hydraulic models. Floodplain mapping was completed for the ultimate 100-year flood event and profiles using the available digital mapping information. Existing problem areas were identified and analyzed to develop recommendations for future master drainage improvements. A detailed report was prepared that tabulated flood discharges and elevations, identified problem areas and potential solutions, provided opinions of probable costs, included a matrix evaluation of alternatives, an overall Master Drainage Plan, and provided floodplain delineations. Also, NDM performed floodway analyses on 116 miles of detailed study.