DWU Bachman Wastewater Treatment Plan Sludge Lagoon Improvements

  Dallas, Texas

Bachman Wastewater Treatment Plan Sludge Lagoon Improvements      |   Dallas, Texas

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Serving as the prime consultant, NDM developed a design report and preliminary plans for improvements at the Bachman WTP. Services included project management, an investigation phase, preliminary design, preparation of preliminary plans and permitting evaluation for $10.6 million of improvements. The improvements considered included expansion of an existing sludge lagoon, lagoon division into cells, associated delivery line, inflow structures, outflow structures, emergency discharge structure, decant line improvements, monitoring and metering of flows, and evaluation of the Eastbank Interceptor Sewer. 

On the design and construction plans phase NDM was a subconsultant and completed the design and preparation of construction plans for the decant portion of the improvements. These improvements included expansion a new decant line, additional inflow structures at Lagoon 1 and 2, modifications to the outlet structure, junction structures, meter station, embankment protection, and modifications to an existing sump pump line. Services also included the completion of technical memos, development of opinions of probable construction cost, and technical specifications.